Deck chair in theater causes tragic death

When you return to the cinema, please play it safe.

Audiences are wandering back to theaters in the hope that the new strains of coronavirus will stay far away, but today we are reminded that there are other ways to stay safe when visiting theaters.

In 2018, a tragic accident occurred when a man lost a personal item under his chair, bent down to retrieve it, and when the footrest fell on his neck he was injured and later died. We’re talking about it now because his family has just reached the settlement from the theaters for $ 1 million (£ 750,000).

European cinema chain Vue was the theater that was involved in the tragic accident. Judge Heidi Kubik called the incident “an accident that should never have happened”.

In a statement, Vue said they were “deeply sorry for the loss his family and friends have suffered”. The company also confirmed that these types of seats have been removed from all of its venues. According to the guard, the investigation found that the seat was missing a bar that could be used to raise the footrest by hand.

Cinema again at last. Stay out there safe.

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