Death on the Nile flies until 2022 following the Armie Hammer scandal – Deadline

As Disney’s seismic theatrical release changes with Black Widow, Cruella and Luca today were on everyone’s mind, it was easy to ignore the elephant in the corner of the room.

We’re talking specifically about the Kenneth Branagh mystery set Death on the Nile starring Armie Hammer who has been besieged in an alleged sex scandal. The 20th-century studios’ production, which is said to have cost $ 150 million and was illuminated by the former Fox administration before the Disney merger, has changed release dates several times due to the pandemic: from October 23 to October 18. December of last year not to be settled, then finally dated September 17th. Well, now the movie which also stars Gal Gadot, Tom Bateman, Annette Bening and many more won’t open until February 11, 2022.

Disney Day-And-Date ‘Black Widow’ and ‘Cruella’ decision creates aftershock in industry that hurts for box office normality

I’m told the release date has nothing to do with Hammer being the subject of an LAPD investigation into allegations of rape, charges that may involve Social network actor in prison for eight years if convicted. That said, the new date gives Disney almost a year to rethink any form of marketing campaign, that is, if the film sticks to its movie date. News of the LAPD investigation into Hammer came quickly last Thursday after a press conference led by Gloria Allred in which Hammer’s accuser, a woman named Effie, said: mentally, emotionally and sexually abused … I thought he was leaving. to kill me ‚ÄĚconcerning an incident in April 2017.

Heard sources say there are no plans to shoot All the money in the world with Death on the Nile. Following sexual allegations against former 2017 film actor Kevin Spacey that surfaced that fall, Sony and director Ridley Scott remade and reshot the winner’s J. Paul Getty scenes. of an Oscar with Christopher Plummer weeks before the photo’s Christmas theatrical release. It was quite a feat for an already locked down production. I understand it would be difficult to pull off that with Hammer’s role of Simon Doyle in Death on the Nile given the huge set of the movie. Following Spacey’s sex scandal, her 2018 film Billionaire Boys Club was buried on PVOD. No news yet though Death on the Nile heading to streaming.

While Hammer has not been charged, the allegations against him create a headache for Disney by releasing a feature that was to have rewards potential and possibly be a box office sleeper. First adaptation of the feature film by Agatha Christie de Branagh, 2017 Murder on the Orient Express, outperformed the opening at $ 28.6 million in the US and grossed $ 102.8 million domestically, WW $ 352.7 million.

Ahead of the LAPD’s investigation into Hammer, information leaked on social media about the actor’s disturbing sexual fantasies, which prompted him to quit the Lionsgate movie Jennifer Lopez. Hunting rifle wedding, Paramount + making of The Godfather series and UCP Gaslit, while also being abandoned by his agency WME.

Disney has not provided any comment on the release date change for Death on the Nile and Hammer’s status with production.

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