DDP gives QT Marshall permission to use the Diamond Cutter

Former WCW champion Diamond Dallas Page popularized a technique known as Cutter in the 1990s. The movement, first used by Johnny Ace, has become one of the most recognized in professional wrestling and has been adopted by multiple superstars from all continents as part of its arsenal.

This afternoon, it has been revealed that the heritage of the Diamond Cutter, DDP’s flagship movement, will continue to live. The AEW fighter QT Marshall has received the approval of the legend, with whom he is closely related, to use it, as revealed in a message published on his Twitter profile. Here are the most important statements.

“When I was hired by AEW, I revealed to him my dreams and my aspirations at the company. He told me that by taking control of my life, my success would have no limits. Today, I have not only exceeded the goals I mentioned, and I’ve even been able to team up with him in what could have been his last bout, but he’s also given me the honor of wearing the Diamond Cutter.

Diamond Dallas Page believes in me, a 34-year veteran, with 16 experience, who has tried his best behind the scenes like he did at the WCW Power Plant, who doesn’t take no for an answer. He was the ultimate underdog, and I feel very identified with him.

Thanks, Dallas. ”

In the special episode AEW Bash At The Beach, held on January 15, 2020, Diamond Dallas Page and QT Marshall joined forces, along with Dustin Rhodes to face the trio of MJF and The Butcher and The Blade. Page, Marshall and Rhodes ended up losing in what was DDP’s return to the ring after four years.

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