DDO Artists Defines Diversity and Inclusion Action Led by Irene Cabrera – Deadline

Legitimate Agent Irene Cabrera will lead a new diversity and inclusion initiative at Artist Agency DDO to identify, recruit, develop and retain clients representing groups that have been traditionally overlooked.

The long-term goal of the initiative is to foster relationships and create new opportunities within a welcoming culture. Cabrera will be joined by talent agents Anthony Boyer, the theater manager in the Legit Los Angeles division of DDO, and KaCee Hudson, director of the DDO Chicago office to run the agency-wide collaboration.

“The entertainment industry is in the midst of significant and long overdue changes in the way people of color, non-binary and trans artists, and artists with disabilities are portrayed,” a DDO statement said on its website. “The transformation is happening in all media, including film, television, theater, streaming services, advertising and audio. There are new standards in our society, which have resulted in significant demand from networks, studios and advertisers for high-quality talent that meets the expectations – and reflects the diversity – of contemporary audiences.

The agency has already succeeded in attracting and retaining successful BIPOC and LGBT clients.

“We are thrilled to announce Irene Cabrera’s new role as Director of Diversity and Inclusion, across divisions and time zones,” said Abby Girvin, DDO Partner & Agency Director. “DDO’s list needs to be a reflection of the world we live in, and Irene’s continued dedication to inclusion makes her an invaluable resource in helping to make this goal a reality at the agency.

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