DC Fan Dome shares a trailer to the rhythm of Superman

DC fans have a date on August 22 with a 24-hour online event featuring news from movies, series, games and more.

DC FanDome, the long-awaited 24-hour online event to be held on August 22, is already warming up; and it is that three weeks after the celebration of a special broadcast of DC and Warner Bros. in which the next news of the DC universe in movies, series, video games, comics and more will be presented, its managers have shared an exciting first teaser trailer to the rhythm of the classic theme of Superman by John Williams with the odd clue of what we will see.

24-hour online event on August 22

Thus, it is planned that during the DC FanDome many of DC’s next projects will be presented, both at the level of cinema and television series, in addition to video games and comics. So much so, that in the teaser trailer that heads this news we can already see some clues of what we will see there, since for a few moments we can see a shot of Darkseid in Zack Snyder’s Justice League or a scene from Wonder Woman 1984, both films already confirmed at the event.

But there will be much more, such as a more than likely first trailer for James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, the confirmed presence of both the Justice League Snyder Cut and Wonder Woman 1984, news about Black Adam with Dwayne Johnson, the new movie The Batman from Matt Reeves with Robert Pattinson and Flashpoint adaptation by the director of It.

There will also be news from the Arrowverse series with the second season of Batwoman as a main dish (and its new leading actress), animated films from DC, new projects related to Injustice (video games and comics) and the possible presence of new video games related to Batman and Suicide Squad. Lastly, there will also be big movie-related announcements, with a secret movie still to be confirmed, but that some rumors already point to Henry Cavill’s return of Superman with Man of Steel 2.

All this and much more from next Saturday, August 22 at 7:00 p.m.

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