Danny Trejo passionately defends Gavin Newsom at government press conference – Deadline

“This guy has been trying to save our lives ever since this shi – this virus started,” actor and Trejo Tacos owner Danny Trejo said at a press conference with California Governor Gavin Newsom. At the event, Newsom signed a law that will grant a $ 6.2 billion tax cut to the state’s hardest-hit small businesses.

Trejo admitted he didn’t know what the effort to recall Newsom was, but urged Californians to “Stop being stupid!” This ban also applied to journalists present.

The actor was not expected to speak, but a reporter asked him a question – about the discovery of Lady Gaga’s dogs – and Trejo took the opportunity to offer the governor wholehearted approval. of besieged California, which faces a recall vote in the fall. .

“People don’t understand: we are at war with this virus,” continued Trejo. “In London, they wear gas masks. And no one complained.

“And that’s what they’re trying to get us to do: wear the gas masks,” the actor said, holding up his own gas mask to emphasize. “And stay six feet away. I like it a bit because I don’t like the people who are close to me.

Trejo is probably best known for the titular role in Robert Rodriguez’s 2010. Machete, his handlebar mustache and his profuse tattoos, but he has appeared in dozens of film and television productions over the past decades.

Regarding the question that was put to him, Trejo said, “Yeah, I was looking for Lady Gaga… Some people say that because we commented that they brought the dogs back, but I don’t know.

Newsom, for his part, seemed happy with the downline and a bit of comedic relief. “Now we know what’s going to lead on again tonight,” he said afterwards.

Watch the press conference below:

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