Daniel Kaluuya wins the 2021 Oscars for Best Supporting Actor – Deadline

Daniel Kaluuya, the British actor, who played the charismatic leader of the Black Panther Party. Fred Hampton, in Judas and the Black Messiah, won the Supporting Actor’s Oscar, describing in a speech of emotional acceptance how inspired he was by his character and how lucky he felt.

“Peace, love and beyond,” Kaluuya said, thanking Warner Bros for “making a movie about Fred Hampton.”

“What a man. What a man. How blessed we are to have lived in a life he existed. Thank you for your light. He was on this earth for 21 years and found a way to feed the children, to educate them.” He said. Yet “there is so much work to be done. It is not a one-man job.”

Kaluuya (Get out, Black Panther, Widows, Queen and Slim) was considered the favorite tonight, which unusually pitted him against teammate LaKeith Stanfield, who played William O’Neal, the FBI infiltrator who agreed to a plea deal, joined the Panthers and betrayed the leader of civil rights. Hampton was assassinated in 1969 at the age of 21. O’Neal later committed suicide.

Stanfield had been introduced by Warner Bros. as a nominee for lead actor, but Academy voters went their own way and the duo ended up in the same category that featured three of the five nods to the black actors, including Leslie Odom, Jr. as Sam Cooke. in One night in Miami. It was a competitive pitch with Abbie Hoffman played by Sacha Baron Cohen in The Chicago 7 trial and Paul Raci in Sound of metal – the first appointment of 7-year-old veteran actors for a role of deaf veterinarian in Vietnam with drug addiction problems.

For the first time in 11 years, all of the nominees were new to the category.

Kaluuya was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor in the 2017 Film Get out.

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