Dancing Kimberly Flores responds to the criticism

One of the couples that attracts the most attention within social networks is the one formed by Kimberly Flores and Edwin Luna, who this time caused a furor by sharing a fun video in which the model appeared scantily clad.

The video that was shared on the official Instagram account of the Guatemalan model, you can see her dancing in a tiny bikini while performing various activities, taking with humor the criticism in which they say she is only with the singer of La Trakalosa de Monterrey for convenience.

The video with a touch of sarcasm was described with the phrase: “So we have fun with everything they say“, reaching more than 160 thousand views and comments in which its followers recognize how funny they are.

With this it was clear that the happy couple only used criticism for fun and contrary to what their detractors claim, negative comments have only served to unite them even more.

Days before, the interpreter of “Vacilar” used this same video format to share a sensual parade of tiny bikinis, in which she asked her loyal fans which one she looks better with.

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