Dan Levy’s Covid Safety Protocols Spotlights Show – Deadline

UPDATE with video: Fresh out of his Emmy sweep, Dan Levy brought his comedy chops to Saturday Night Live, where he began his debut as a host by highlighting the strict coronavirus safety protocols from the NBC sketch show.

The Schitt Creek The star, who won four Emmys in September and is set for a Golden Globe, first discussed the whirlwind of the past 12 months. He noted that his life had changed in many ways “both good and not so good” as more people watched Schitt Creek to the fans shouting “Ew!” when they see him on the street.

“Seriously for all the good and the bad. I kind of found myself here on this iconic stage, standing in front of you, ”he said. “Believe me, it has only been good here SNL. “

‘SNL’: Dan Levy Derails Universal Studios Backlot Tour With Inappropriate Thoughts

He took the public to tour Studio 8H, bragging about the team’s safety amid the coronavirus pandemic. Compliance Officer Dorene (Aidy Bryant) was there to make sure he stayed more than six feet away from members of the public.

“When you want to have a girlfriend, just put a noodle in your tummy,” she said, holding a pool noodle to measure physical distance.

The tour also included an antiviral haze, socially remote locker rooms, and staff in hazardous material protective suits. Levy saw all the protocol of the Covid era, but a surprise awaited him around the corner: his father and Schitt Creek co-starring Eugene Levy.

“I took the plane to wish you luck tonight, but because I traveled I’m in this isolation box,” Eugene Levy tells his son through a plexiglass screen.


When his son returns to the stage, Eugene urges the staff surrounding his dressing room to give him a better view.

“Excuse me, can you turn me towards the stage so I can see the show?” he says.

‘Motion Sickness’ and ‘Savior Complex’ singer Phoebe Bridgers also premiered it. SNL debut on Saturday, as the musical guest of the evening.

See Levy’s monologue above.

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