Daft Punk calls it a day! Heartbreaking fans cry on Twitter

Daft Punk calls it a day! Here’s how heartbreaking fans cry on Twitter (Photo credit: YouTube / Daft Punk)

All Daft Punk fans, this isn’t how you imagined your 2021 to begin with, but it did! The beloved electronic music duo have announced their retirement. The duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo split up to find their own ways.

With a video titled “ Epilogue, ” the duo announced their breakup in the most emotional way fans could take. In the video, the robotic avatars are seen walking through a desert, giving their ending a cinematic touch.

Watch the video here:

Here’s how fans are reacting on Twitter:

“Remember that Interstellar is not only a great showcase for Daft Punk’s music, it’s also an incredibly animated film.

My god I’m going to miss the hype to hear new songs from them #daftpunk »

28 years.

12 Grammy Names, 6 wins.

4 studio albums.

2 documents, 2 films

2 live albums.

1 sound track.

2 robots.

1 #DaftPunk

😢 Very sad to hear about Daft Punk breaking up. They have had a huge influence on our genre and the sound of our music. RIP 🙌 1993-2021 #daftpunk

Happy retirement to the best electronic producers of all time thanks to music and #daftpunk inspiration

Dumb punk people are such special men and they still love their music. funky fairwell robots #qteaart #daftpunk

Knowing that Daft Punk has broken up is probably the first time I cry for a band. Thank you for making great music for the last 20 years of my life. #daftpunk

Shit, RIP to the biggest French robots #DaftPunk

With Daft Punk announcing their retirement, let me remind everyone that this is the best soundtrack album ever made. Thank you for your music #daftpunk #TronLegacy https://t.co/muU1HFcAsP

Daft Punk, we will miss you!

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