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From executive producers Daniel Barnz, Zelda Barnz and Ben Barnz, Generation is the new kid on the HBO Max block. The new series may deal with the authentic life of the modern adolescent, from social media to sexuality and gender identity, but Generation it’s no Euphoriathe star Judge Smith said.

“These are all very different stories,” he said during HBO Max’s stop on CTAM’s press tour on Wednesday. “We are in a new zeitgeist now where we accurately portray adolescence what life is like.”

Inspired by Zelda’s experiences in high school, Generation is a dark but playful show that follows a group of high school students whose exploration of modern sexuality tests deeply rooted beliefs about life, love, and the nature of family in their conservative community. Like Smith, Daniel Barnz said that Generation differs from the series created by Sam Levinson in several ways, including its format.

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Unlike the Zendaya-starrer or Luca Guadagnino We are who we are, Generation features half-hour episodes, which Daniel Barnz says are essential to accurately capturing the lives of modern high school students.

“The real beauty and excitement of being able to work in the half hour format is that there is less pressure on the story and you are allowed to let your characters live, breathe and experience.” “, did he declare. “Zelda wanted to reflect the real experience of teenagers, which is a bit haphazard and weird at times. We wanted to reflect that in the storytelling as well.

All three HBO Max series may look similar on paper, but actress Chase Sui Wonders said it was under the microscopic gaze of the featured student show that audiences could come up with a unique story. She also said the new series adds to the larger role HBO Max is playing as a platform for the new storytelling.

“I think what’s sold bold about the landscapes of these young shows on HBO Max is the incredible specificity with which they tell all these stories and how those stereotypes are just torn apart,” said Wonders, who plays Riley. . “You can see the underbelly and thoroughness of all these different characters… because you’re just bringing a microscope to these individual people, it looks like an entirely different world and a whole different set of idiosyncrasies.

During the panel, which also included cast members Lukita Maxwell, Nathanya Alexander, Haley Sanchez and Uly Schlesinger, HBO reported that Generation will debut the first three episodes on March 11. The eight additional episodes will arrive on the streaming platform later this year.

However, even before its release date, the new HBO Max series has come under fire from critics for using two dead cat corpses for a high school dissection scene. In one statement to Variety, HBO Max said the feline remains were “ethically obtained in consultation with American Humane via an organic supply company that works with schools” and that “everyone involved has been notified,” despite tweets stating otherwise.

Dunham, who claimed she was unaware of the use of real cats, said she supported mounting the dissection scene off the show.

Generation is produced by Lena Dunham for Good Thing Going Productions; Daniel, Ben and Zelda Barnz for We Not Brothers Productions; Sharr White; and John Melfi. Marissa Diaz is a producer for Good Thing Going.

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