Countdown has started for Galaxy Fold 2!

New claims have emerged about Samsung’s next-generation foldable smartphone model Galaxy Fold 2 release date. In addition, new information about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 2 production process was announced. As far as the information appears, the new Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 will be started to be delivered to the users soon.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date revealed

First of all, it is stated that Samsung has started the large-scale production of its new foldable smartphone Galaxy Fold 2. However, it is stated that the first official information can be announced in June 2020 with the Galaxy Note 20, and the new Fold 2 can begin to reach users in August 2020.

It is also noted that Samsung expects to sell approximately 2.5 to 3 million Galaxy Fold 2s by the end of 2020. In general, it is predicted that more foldable smartphones will be sold with new developments after Galaxy Z Flip. Galaxy Fold 2 price will play an important role in this process. It is also stated that Samsung will prepare a more affordable price tag for the Galaxy Fold 2 model.

According to the information revealed so far, 120Hz screen details show up first about Galaxy Fold 2 features. The screen of Fold 2 is expected to be similar to the Galaxy Z Flip. In addition, it seems that a model that offers water and dust resistance will show itself. In addition, it is claimed that there will be significant improvements in the camera.

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