Coronavirus: plasma therapy can reduce mortality

Research published this week found that early treatment for Covid-19 coronavirus using the use of convalescent plasma can significantly reduce patient mortality.

The substance is a material taken from the blood of those who have already been contaminated and recovered from the disease, that is, they are fluids that already have antibodies.

The experiment was conducted by scientists at a hospital in Texas, where 316 patients received plasma transfusions between March and July.

Data from 136 of them were compared with that of another 251 who did not receive the same substance, and with this, researchers concluded that if application is made within 72 hours after hospitalization, the chance of mortality is potentially reduced.

Inmates who only received the transfusion after 72 hours had the same mortality rate as those who did not receive the substance, showing that these first three days are crucial for the success of the treatment.

The problem pointed out by one of the scientists is that many plasma orders are for patients who have already received other therapies and are at the end of the course of the disease. According to doctor James Musser, one of the study’s authors:

“Although convalescent plasma therapy remains experimental and we have more research to do and data to collect, we now have more evidence that it has merit, is safe and can help reduce the death rate from this virus.”

These results are among the first published that mention treatment with convalescent plasma against Covid-19 (which has already killed more than 106 thousand people in Brazil) and reinforce its success, when executed at the right time.

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