CoronaVac can be applied in Sao Paulo from January.

Research in search of an effective vaccine to immunize the population against the new coronavirus continues at an accelerated pace worldwide. As we saw yesterday – despite raising several suspicions – the Russian government said that the Sputnik V vaccine, produced in the country, proved to be efficient and could start to be used in the population of Russia later this year.

On the other hand, the governor of São Paulo said that the vaccine will not be produced at the Butantan Institute, mainly because President Vladimir Putin did not present any scientific evidence to prove his safety.

Now, the CoronaVac vaccine, produced by the Chinese laboratory Sinovac Biotech, is another that may be ready in 2020. If this is confirmed, the Butantan Institute will receive, by the end of the year, 15 million doses of the compound.

However, CoronaVac will be sent from Beijing to São Paulo in fractional form, which means that it will be necessary to apply two doses to each person. “The vaccine will be available at the Butantan Institute in October, when we will receive 5 million doses; in November, another 5 million will arrive and, in December, the rest of the vaccines ”, explained Dimas Covas, doctor, researcher and director of the institution.

In addition, Covas pointed out that, from October, the institute will also receive – from Beijing – all the materials necessary for the local production of the vaccine. “This will enable Butantan to formulate, prepare and package the vaccine in Brazil. So, in addition to the 15 million doses that we will receive until December, we may have another 15 million in the first quarter of next year, reaching 60 million doses of CoronaVac at the end of the first half of 2021. ”

So far, the results of the vaccine have been very promising and the only more serious side effect presented was pain or momentary pain at the application site. If the use of the vaccine is approved by the National Health Surveillance Agency, Anvisa, after the third phase of clinical tests, it may start to be used as early as January 2021.

It is worth remembering that Governor João Doria explained, on another occasion, that the application of vaccines in São Paulo should follow the same protocol as the immunizing compound against flu: first it will be administered to risk groups, followed by health professionals, police authorities and , finally, for the rest of the population.

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