Controversy ignites in India over Amazon Prime ‘Tandav’ series – Deadline

Amazon Prime Video Hindi Original Series Tandav has been criticized in India for its depiction of Hindu gods and goddesses.

According to country reports over the weekend, including in The Hindu eraThe Ministry of Information and Broadcasting contacted the broadcaster to request an explanation of its religious content after MP Manoj Kotak called for the show to be banned.

Kotak posted a letter on Twitter that he wrote to Prakash Javdekar, Minister of Information and Broadcasting, in which he suggested that the content of the series “deliberately mocks Hindu gods and does not respect religious sentiments. Hindus ”.

In the letter, which you can read below, he also called for an “urgent” regulation of OTT platforms in India, claiming that they were “taking undue advantage” of the authorities’ freedom of censorship. He added that the streaming content was “full of sex, violence, drugs, abuse, hate and vulgarity.”

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The department took her complaint seriously enough to contact Amazon for clarity on the matter. Deadline reached out to Amazon Prime Video India reps for comment.

Created by Ali Abbas Zafar, political drama series Tandav stars Saif Ali Khan in a story that attempts to take viewers to the capital of the world’s largest democracy, exploring the inner workings of Indian politics. It was released on Amazon Prime on January 15th.

A police complaint was also reportedly filed against the show’s producers and Amazon over the perceived issues detailed above.

“After watching the series, it was found that by the 17th minute of the first episode, characters playing Hindu gods and goddesses were shown in a non-charitable manner and using objectionable language, which may prompt religious tensions, ”says the complaint, according to a report in Indian Express. “Likewise, in the 22nd minute of the same episode, efforts were made to spark caste clashes with caste remarks. The person in a dignified position like Prime Minister has been shown in a very derogatory manner in the web series.

Deadline recently spoke with top executives from Amazon India, Aparna Purohit and Gaurav Gandhi, to discuss the company’s 2021 strategy in the booming streaming market.

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