Console competition begins with new Apple TV model

Information continues to emerge about the Apple TV model, which continues as Apple’s online entertainment system. Finally, in addition to the technical features of the new Apple TV model, new claims have been made about how Apple wants to follow. Apparently, Apple will start trying to find a place for itself in the face of game consoles.

New Apple TV model may come with A14 Bionic mobile processor

First of all, as it is known, Apple started the game subscription with the new Apple Arcade system. The new generation games to be prepared in this context are planned to reach the console quality level. However, games at this level can only be played with the Apple A13 mobile processor and later processor models.

yeni apple tv

It is stated that the game issue is at the top of Apple’s plans for the new Apple TV and the A14 processor will be in the next model to carry console-level games to this model.

In addition, there are new claims that Apple will not only make improvements on the hardware side, but also seriously work on a new controller design. It is also a matter of curiosity whether this new controller will be similar to the controllers on Xbox or PlayStation consoles.

Recently, synthetic test results of the A14 Bionic processor in the iPad Air 4 model appeared. After the strengthening of the graphic claim of the A14 Bionic processor, the expression of these claims also attracted attention.

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