Concept art for ‘Alien 5’ has resurfaced

Although Neill Blomkamps extraterrestrial The film never came to fruition, the concept art around the film gave a glimpse of what we could have had.

Alien 5 would have served as the highly anticipated direct sequel to the original franchise trilogy. What went wrong?

Everything before production seemed to be going well. There was an extremely positive response from fans following the announcement, and the film even had a predicted release date. The hold seemed to come from Ridley Scott and the superiors in the studio. It has been suggested that they focus more on that Prometheus To continue and build on this newer franchise instead of going back to the existing IP.

As a creator, it makes sense. But as a fan of the extraterrestrial Franchise, I found it disappointing that we never got a sequel to the plot that started it all.

But thanks to the digging of AvP galaxy, we can still enjoy the vision of what it should be!

This beautiful concept drawing was made by Artist Geoffroy Thoorens.

Recognition: Geoffroy Thorens

Recognition: Geoffroy Thorens

It’s hard to decipher what these images mean in relation to the plot, but it seems like this movie had the events and conclusions in it Alien 3.

Not familiar with the term “retcon”? Well it’s defined as “Revise (an aspect of a fictional work) retrospectively, typically by introducing new information that imposes a different interpretation on previously described events. “

Many people like to refer to the introduction of “midi-chlorians” as the science behind the power in war of stars as a great retcon.

We digress.

Recognition: Geoffroy Thorens

Recognition: Geoffroy Thorens

If there is any of this to take away, I think it has to be the power that conceptual art has.

Years later, we still rave about and theorize about a film that was never made.

That’s all because we have these amazing pieces of art to fuel our passion for this franchise.

What do you think of conceptual art? Are you happy about it? extraterrestrial Movie?

Let us know in the comments!

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