Conan O’Brien Celebrates Larry King’s Humor, Costumes & Everything – Deadline

The entertainment industry mourned the loss of talk show giant Larry King when he died on Saturday. Among the many stars who expressed their grief was Conan O’Brien, who celebrated the late interview on Monday night.

“He loved trying jokes and comedies with us and that relationship started and it continued,” O’Brien said when opening his show. “For 27, 28 years, Larry came on our show and we had a weird idea and he was just like, ‘Love it, I want to do this.'”

To commemorate King’s many appearances – many of which included humorous moments, costumes, and stunts –Conan shared an almost 10-minute montage of the famous interviewer poking fun at late-night host and Andy Richter, who said: “[King] was exactly what you wanted Larry King to be and a bit more.

The video shows King donning a Wolverine– a wig and claws, joking about the way he kisses Marlon Brando and even conducts a phone interview while he hangs from the studio ceiling.

In the cut, King also snuggles up with O’Brien and Richter in bed, and he performs a stand-up set where he makes jokes about his old age.

“You will miss Larry, thank you very much for your friendship and for all the laughs,” O’Brien said.

King died just weeks after being hospitalized for Covid-19. He was 87 years old.

Watch the full clip above.

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