Comscore Introduces ‘Movies Everywhere’ Multi-Screen Measurement System – Deadline

With the nature and activity of feature films changing almost daily, Comscore has announced “Movies Everywhere”, a new multi-screen measurement system.

The offering will provide daily sales reports across various windows and release platforms, including a new reporting system to track box office returns.

Census-based box office data and transactional video measurement capabilities will be combined for the first time, the company said. Granular and advanced audience information will now be connected across box office, transactional video on demand, OTT rentals, and streaming views. The goal is to map box office revenue with demographics, audience sentiment, and consumer behavior.

Comscore completed in 2016 a merger with Rentrak, the leading box office data company. Nielsen remains the dominant player on the TV side of things and with streaming blurring the lines between TV and film, he recently announced new filmmaking tools including a VOD tracker.

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In a press release announcing the new product, Comscore noted, “The prestige, exclusivity and revenue-generating power of movie theaters is undeniable.” He added that “the ever-increasing complexities of the market” mean that products like Movies Everywhere “will play a vital role in creating strategic initiatives and the decision-making process of companies across the entertainment ecosystem.”

The announcement comes at a delicate time for Hollywood studios, which saw their traditional business evaporate in 2020 and early 2021. Box office revenues have fallen nearly 90% in the US and theaters of the main markets remain closed or very restricted due to Covid -19.

“The undeniable reality is that the pandemic has forced us all to let go of conventional wisdom and take a fresh look at how we operate,” Paramount chief distribution officer said. Chris Aronson said. “We are convinced that people will return to theaters in force. But with more consumer choice for content consumption, we need new solutions to truly understand audience behavior when interacting with content on their terms and screens. One thing that hasn’t changed is that the customer is always right. We all have to adapt. “

One element of the new offering, which Comcast sees as a “significant improvement,” is its ability to track the demographics of moviegoers as well as people who have watched commercials. In the face of rapidly changing media consumption patterns, studios can benefit from this critical information – including audience information available nationally and regionally – to identify behavioral trends that can help inform exit windows. optimal.

“We have seen incredible changes in audience behavior over the past year in the way people consume content. As a result, the sector needs to reinvent the way we capture public engagement, ”said Erik Lomis, Head of Distribution for United Artists Releasing. “We are delighted to see Comscore staying ahead of the curve when it comes to measuring movie performance. In the future, it will be essential to have a complete picture of the performance of content across all platforms. “

Comscore CEO Bill Livek said Movies Everywhere is a recent model for the measurement business. “Just as we delivered the first transparent studio share reports and the first Movies on Demand promotional conversion analysis, we are once again innovating to provide studios with the consideration necessary to reinvent their strategies and thrive in this new era.” , did he declare. “We are in a unique position to provide smarter audience information that will ultimately help the entire ecosystem be successful.”

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