Cole Sprouse could he in turn leave the Riverdale?

After the recent departures from Riverdale, could Cole Sprouse in turn leave the series? Here is his answer.

Recently, we wondered what impact the separation of Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart will have on season 5 of Riverdale . The two actors fell in love on the set of the series and we can expect to see their characters Jughead and Betty move away in the next episodes, especially since we will have the right to take a step back in time.

5 years, enough to announce a lot of changes! Besides, the next season will be without Skeet Ulrich (FP Jones) and Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge), and the wave of starts may not be over yet … But then, Cole Sprouse will he in turn quit Riverdale?

His false death in season 4 had already started a rumor about it. However, the young man has not really planned to pack his bags for the moment and intends to still benefit a little from the success of the series.

For Variety’s Live , Cole Sprouse said: “For me, as long as the series in which I work is one in which I continue to have fun and work with my closest friends, which is the case, is a privilege to be an actor there.

I could sit and face it (and you can laugh at yourself and criticize what you worked for), but I think it’s incredibly pretentious and ignorant of look at something you’re happy to have and say “I’m quitting”. ” Clearly, Cole Sprouse loves to take on the role of Jughead and intends to stay for a while in the series.

One thing is certain,For those who did not understand the reference of the actor in this interview, he seems to have criticized the words of his co-star Skeet Ulrich who recently admitted to leaving the series because he was bored creatively. Ouch!

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