Colbert recalls GOP story with conspiracy theories – Deadline

Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene became the subject of Stephen Colbert’s latest GOP roast after her comments about a wildfire. “Jewish space laser” and other plots have drawn attention.

While Greene, who is a public supporter of QAnon, may be one of the loudest figures in the GOP sharing potentially dangerous conspiracy theories, Colbert noted that she was far from the first.

“This kind of behavior from Republicans was happening,” The Late Show said Tuesday night.

During his opening monologue, Colbert revisited the George W. Bush administration, calling on former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove. During his time as a White House representative, Rove said his criticisms were part of “reality-based communityAnd claimed that people like him “create our own reality”.

With generations of GOP senators finding solace in different realities, it’s now astonishing that current Republican figures are supporting QAnon, Colbert said.

“When it comes to crazy conspiracy theories, you can’t put the genie back in the bottle because those same Republicans 13 years ago agreed with rumors that the genie was a secret Muslim,” he said. added the host of the show.

When “looney mens” and conspiracy theories make their way through the Republican Party for years without a second take, it’s strange that figures like Mitch McConnell decide to condemn such ways of thinking, Colbert said. On Monday, the Senate Minority Leader blasted Greene’s support for QAnon and called it “cancer for the Republican Party.”

“Five years ago, the GOP found a suspicious mass and then appointed the tumor to the chair,” Colbert said.

Watch Colbert’s full opening monologue above.

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