Colbert finds ‘normal’ in Covid-Era Super Bowl, teases Trump impeachment trial – Deadline

“Buck yeah,” Stephen Colbert exclaimed giving a kick. The Monday Late Show night. While his salute may nod to the Tampa Bay team that won the Lombardi Trophy at Super Bowl LV, the late night host celebrated that “in a broader sense, normalcy has won. During the big game.

“I’m not saying things are normal now just because there was a super bowl, but because there was a bit of normal mixed in with our weirdness,” he explained. “Tom Brady won, that’s normal. For Tampa Bay, it’s weird. There were 25,000 fans in the seats, that’s normal. There were 30,000 cardboard cutouts in the seats, that’s weird.

But with the news of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl victory and seemingly promising vaccine distribution statistics, Colbert said normalcy could very well be underway, nearly a year after the pandemic hit the country. for the first time. During his opening segment, Colbert shared his optimism for the potential Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a single injection and for more vaccines administered than new 10 to 1 Covid-19 cases.

From coronavirus coverage, Colbert has shifted gears to tackle Donald Trump’s upcoming impeachment trial, which begins on Tuesday. The late-night host referred to yet another “US” typo in documents presented by Trump’s legal team and other “catty” dramas from the impeachment trial. However, after a Trump aide noted that the former president is “happier” now that he’s no longer on social media, Colbert gave some advice to GOP figures who would vote in the next trial.

“If that’s how relaxed he is three weeks after taking office, imagine how peaceful he would be if he could never hold office again,” Colbert said. “Senate Republicans, think about his happiness.”

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