Coinbase Explains Why They Didn’t List Popular Altcoin

The popular cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), which ranks 16th with a market value of $ 1.295 billion, is not listed on Coinbase, although it is published on many exchanges.

In a statement made on a podcast, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong personally would like to list it personally, but this made a risk statement.

Since Monero is a privacy-oriented cryptocurrency, it is not welcomed by the US Government. Despite the fact that there is no official statement by the USA, Armstrong, who does not want to take risks in an issue where the government is uncomfortable, stated that it is more correct not to publish Monero in terms of the future of the company.

Stating that when regulatory institutions are more comfortable with privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, the famous CEO stated that Coinbase will not be under such risks in the current situation.

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