Clinton ‘HiddenLight Hires’ For Sama’ Maker; Bear Grylls ITV Series – Deadline

Clintons’ HiddenLight is hiring ‘for Sama’s EP’
HiddenLight Productions, the production company co-founded by Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sam Branson and Chelsea Clinton, has hired BAFTA and Emmy-winning executive producer Siobhan Sinnerton as creative director and vice president of non-screenwriting. She is from Channel 4, where she commissioned and produced the Oscar-nominated documentary. For Sama. Sinnerton worked on Channel 4 for over a decade, with his other credits including The hunt for Jihadi John, BAFTA winner Myanmar Death Fields and Emmy Award Winner Escape from Daesh. Sinnerton will report to HiddenLight CEO Johnny Webb, who said, “Siobhan’s love for storytelling, impact and high-end innovation makes him a very exciting addition to our senior team. Sinnerton added: “The need to create programs that have a real purpose, but which also entertain and reach the widest possible audience, is more urgent than ever. HiddenLight is one of the more exciting businesses to launch in recent years. “

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Bear Grylls defines ITV’s ‘wild adventure’
Bear Grylls will embark on two new special adventures for ITV. Produced by Banijay’s Dragonfly Film & TV and The Natural Studios, the survivalist will take on grueling and challenging field missions in Dartmoor, England with two British sports stars: former rugby pro Jonny Wilkinson and boxer Nicola Adams. . In addition to the physical challenge of the adventures, Grylls will also have the chance to get to know his companions by telling them about their life, their achievements and key moments in their lives. The shows are titled Bear & Jonny Wilkinson’s Wild Adventure and Bear and Nicola Adams’ wild adventure respectively. “Nature is a great leveler and revealer, and sharing this adventure with these two legends was special. I admire their tenacity and willingness to speak so honestly. They were both shining there, ”Grylls said. Executive producers are Tom Currie for Dragonfly TV & Film, and Grylls and Delbert Shoopman for The Natural Studios. Ewen Thomson is the manager. Banijay Rights sells internationally.

Discovery + Controls “ built on wheels ”
Discovery + commissioned Betty of Objective Media Group to carry out an ambitious engineering series, Built on wheels (working title), which will be hosted by Jimmy Doherty and Jimmy de Ville. Co-produced by Krempelwood, they will drive out the contributors who turn everyday vehicles into extraordinary automotive wonders. When not doing their part for the hobbyist builders, both Jimmys will hit the road to take inspiration from some of the best completed builds, testing out some extraordinary conversions. The eight-part series is produced by David Harrison for Betty, Jon Stephens for Discovery and Blair Krempel and Mark Wood for Krempelwood.

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