Clarissa Molina between two dreams

This Thursday, at 7 PM ET, Clarissa Molina will debut as host of the special before the Latin Grammy hall in ‘El Break de las 7’ and that, along with a great personal stage where she found peace in meditation and love in your partner, you have it in one of the best moments of your life.

Hours before this very special night for her, we spoke exclusively with Clarissa and she tells us everything: the Latin Grammys, what she learned this year when she had to fight with the coronavirus alone, and how happy she is with her boyfriend.

“For me it means the world… I just love it!… It is in my blood, for me it is a universal party, you don’t see all these artists together every day, and behind the camera where you see them sharing, Talking between them. I am fascinated by the fact that they make me participate in the Latin Grammy, for the first time, officially, so I thank the digital team very much for giving me that vote of confidence that hour before that great party starts, “says Clari and his excitement at this challenge is evident

“This Thursday, let’s all go, they have performances around the world and they are doing it for the first time, and that makes me happy and excited. There is the sample of the music to bring together thousands of people through the rhythm … I am going to talk with Camilo, I am going to have access to Juanes, Mike Bahía and Greeicy, who are a favorite couple on social networks, and also to my compatriot Leslie Grace, that’s what it’s all about, that from the comfort of their home people know what all these artists are doing ”, he anticipates.

Although we have seen Chiqui Delgado and Alejandra Espinoza in the driving in the first season, in truth it was Clarissa Molina who started with this ‘Break at 7’, created by Javier Cruz, as an alternative to spend the bad moments of the pandemic , and little by little it grew to become not only the favorite of many, but even a source of information for the press.

“The pandemic gave the opportunity to him, I was the first to conduct ‘El Break de las 7’, I loved the growth it had from each of our houses, it was incredible, and feeling people interacting with one, was the perfect formula for succeed”.

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