Clarice’s EPs Explain Why “Time to Talk Now” – Deadline

Fans of Thesilenceofthelambs will notice a key character missing from CBS’s new hour-long series Clarice, and his name is Hannibal Lecter.

CBS Winter Tour reporters asked about the elephant in the virtual room; the idea being that Hannibal’s rights holders, The Dino De Laurentiis Company, would not allow its use in the upcoming series. Meanwhile, MGM, a producer of the CBS series, owns the rights to all characters in the 1991 film, including Clarice Starling, Ardelia Mapp, Paul Krendler, Buffalo Bill, and more.

Yet the lack of a drive would not drain any blood from Clarice. She is the single female FBI agent who has always been captivated by Jenny Lumet, co-creator of the series and EP.

CBS plans to continue direct series strategy and film more pilots in 2021

“I think (Hannibal’s) character was directed by three amazing actors and at least three amazing filmmakers. Clarice was not explored like this. It has a depth and a mystery that we have yet to examine, ”said Lumet.

“In the Thesilenceofthelambs, she was able to descend into the darkness, find the human in the monsters, then remove the light. I thought, looking at her, that she was a woman with a lot of secrets. And I like it. And then she was silent for years, and I couldn’t let go that you had this hero, this icon, this mystery; what happened during those missing years?

Clarice takes place in 1993, a year after the arrest of Buffalo Bill by Starling.

Lumet contacted Thesilenceofthelambs author Thomas Harris. “We talked about the light in Clarice’s eyes. And he said, “It’s up to us now,” Lumet recalled, “I felt this responsibility and I want to know the light and the dark and the spirit and the heart of this woman, this hero Clarice Starling. . Right now, in 2021, I think people are rediscovering who they are after extraordinary circumstances. It has all been a group experience, and people are using their voices, realizing that they are using their voices to change. “

“And that’s definitely Clarice,” Lumet said.

“The show’s slogan, which kept coming to the fore – ‘The silence is over’ – and I think that meant she hadn’t spoken in 30 years and it’s time to speak. now. It was our compass, this is what led us, this is what we wanted to do, and we didn’t want to travel through a territory that has been done so well by so many others, ”said the co- creator / EP Alex Kurtzman.

How horrible will the murder cases Clarice is investigating be?

Kurtzman explained, “Let me say that we don’t do what the series Hannibal done and it was making a literal meal of the murders themselves. Our goal, when choosing individual cases, is to always organize our story around what is happening with the characters, and then how can the case itself somehow shed light on an inner struggle that they are not. faced? So we don’t really divide the story or the gruesome murders or “what’s the darkest murder we can put on camera? We break the story from the point of view of asking, “What are they not looking at?” What are they afraid to watch? What are they afraid to watch? And how does this affair open a door for them that they do not necessarily want to go through? “

Clarice premieres Thursday February 11 at 10 p.m.

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