Clara Rugaard to direct Sky’s supernatural crime thriller – Deadline

Clara Rugaard, Danish actress who starred in Netflix I am mom, is directing the casting for Sky’s The climb, a supernatural crime thriller originally inspired by the Belgian drama Beau Sejour Hotel.

The fidgetcube first revealed in October 2019 that Sky was making its own version of Beau Sejour Hotel, and the drama is now set to film in the Lake District, England next month. The eight-part series represents the first Sky drama produced entirely in-house by Sky Studios.

Rugaard plays Neve Kelly, a woman who discovers that she is dead. She is scared and confused by this new existence. But, when she realizes that she has been murdered, she is furious. She is determined to find her killer and obtain justice, believing it to be someone she knew. Shown as having a distinctive tone and visual style, The climb is a story of love, justice and the cost of finding the truth in a world that wants to hide it.

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The climb also includes I hate Suzie actor Daniel Ings and Silent witness actress Emily Taaffe as Kelly’s beloved father and mother. Other actors include Nenda Neururer (A brief history of wrestling), Solly McLeod (The day after Christmas), Alex Lanipekun (Spooks) and Robyn Cara (Ackley Bridge).

The series, which will be released in 2022, is written by Pete McTighe (A discovery of witches) alongside Charlene James (A discovery of witches), Roanne Bardsley (Free kidney), Gemma Hurley (Host) and Laura Grace (Das Boot). Industry Director Ed Lilly is directing the series, which is produced by Serena Thompson for Sky Studios, Julian Stevens (The fall) and McTighe.

The climb was commissioned by Zai Bennett, Managing Director of Content at Sky UK, and Manpreet Dosanjh, Editor-in-Chief of Sky Studios. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will handle international sales.

Stevens said: “The climb Instantly grabbed me as an incredibly unique concept. It’s a powerful story with a strong and unexpected protagonist at the heart of it. We explore subverted tropes throughout, giving authority to our central character and allowing the whole narrative to be told from her perspective.

Jane Millichip, Director of Content at Sky Studios, said: “Following a successful production collaboration on The third day, The climb is the first series produced entirely in-house at Sky Studios. This reinforces our ambition and our commitment to develop a high-quality production capacity that accompanies our work with the self-employed.

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