‘City of Lies’ debut brings specialty box office to life when theaters open – Deadline

It’s no secret that the Brad Furman-directed movie City of lies had a tough journey to the big screen. He played an exhausting game of musical chairs with distributors and a lawsuit involving the film’s location director and film star Johnny Depp. Through it all, he’s still managed to make a theatrical debut as theaters start to open doors after a year of navigating the pandemic.

Based on the book LAbyrinth by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Randall Sullivan and adapted by Christian Contreras, Saban Films has been released City of lies on 501 screens across the country and the dramatic crime thriller revolving around the actual death of hip-hop icon Notorious BIG has managed to earn esteemed $ 275,049 in its opening weekend with an average per screen of $ 549. It’s not bad at all.

“City Of Lies” is finally landing in theaters; ‘Wojnarowicz’ Docu Spotlights Iconic Queer Artist; Launch of the “ last call ” – Overview of the specialty

Roadside attractions and Lionsgate’s Cold War spy thriller are also new this weekend The mail with Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel Brosnahan. The film debuted on 1,433 screens and grossed around $ 2,012,582 totaling an impressive average of $ 1,404 per screen.

As reported by Anthony D’Alessandro, awards season titles saw a significant uptick this weekend after the Oscar nominations revealed last week. Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari at A24, which won six nominations, increased its number of theaters to 786 to add $306,000 at his cash register, bringing his cume to $ 1,396,723. Meanwhile, Focus Features’ Promising young woman from director Emerald Fennell, who won five Oscar nods in 831 theaters this weekend. $ 195,000, raising its cume to $ 5.7 million.


City of lies (Saban Films) – [501 Screens] Weekend $ 275,049; Average $ 549

The mail (Roadside attractions / Lionsgate) – [1,433 Screens] Weekend $ 2,012,582; Average $ 1404


Dutch (Faith Media Distribution) – [195 Theaters] Weekend $ 78,000; $ 400 on average; Cume $ 269,000

Long weekend (Stage 6 movies) [821 Theaters] Weekend $ 110,000; Average of $ 134; Cume $ 446,000


Boogie (Focus features) [1,184 Theaters] Weekend $ 600,000; $ 507 on average; Cume $ 3,300,000

Mauritanian (STXfilms) [156 Theaters] Weekend $ 37,020; $ 237 on average; Cume $ 802,000

Minari (A24) [786 Theaters] Weekend $ 306,000; $ 389 on average; Cume $ 1,396,723

Promising young woman (Focus functions) – [831 Theaters] Weekend $ 195,000; $ 235 on average; Cume 5 $ 7,000,000

Wrong turn (Saban Films) – [136 Screens] Weekend $ 107,729; $ 792 on average; Cume $ 803,216

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