Christine D’Souza Gelb, David Hinojosa and Kevin Rowe launch 2AM Mgmt / prdn – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Former Endeavor Content partner Christine D’Souza Gelb has teamed up with Killer Films production director David Hinojosa and manager Kevin Rowe to launch 2AM, a new production and management company starting with the A24 support.

The company launches with designs on the management of filmmaker clients and the production of projects mainly in the field of film and television. For the prestige distribution company A24, this marks its first foray into investing in a management company. Sources said there would be an arm’s length relationship between the two companies without a first-look deal.

The catalyst for the new company is D’Souza Gelb, who spent 15 years at a leading film finance and sales agent as a partner of Endeavor Content, before surprising his colleagues last May with a internal note that she would cease to be an agent. She wanted to take some time and plan for a change of course, and in early fall she started hosting 2AM. She wrote Hinojosa and Rowe as founding partners. In addition to running the business, D’Souza Gelb will manage some of his longtime filmmaking clients. This will include Radha Blank, who wrote, performed and directed the breakout film. The four year old version.

Christine D’Souza Gelb leaving Endeavor Content

Hinojosa will be in charge of production, having spent a decade at Killer Films alongside Christine Vachon and Pam Koffler. Among the films he has produced are Oscar nominees First reformed, still Alice and Carol, as well as Vox Lux, Shirley and the next one Zola.

Rowe was running boutique management company Elia, and he will bring his full list of clients to the management side, where he will continue to grow and produce with them. These clients include Ari Aster, the Hereditary helmer who most recently achieved Middle for A24, Janicza Bravo (Zola, lemon) and playwright Jeremy O’Harris (Slave game).

Other key recruitments on board are Zach Nutman, who will be part of the production team and who worked in acquisitions at Neon before joining Animal Kingdom as director of development in film and television. Cameron Washington also joins as a manager, coming from Guava Island from Donald Glover and Hiro Murai, and before that as a manager at Management 360. Amelia Shugrue was recently promoted to Manager after working with Rowe for several years to support his clients, after having started his career at A24 in advertising.

Other clients that 2AM starts with include AV Rockwell (the next Thousand and one at Focus), Christopher Makoto Yogi (who directed the recently completed Sundance competition film I was a simple man), Mary Bronstein (If I had legs I’d kick you), Meryam Joobeur (Oscar nominated short fraternity), and Keisha Rae Witherspoon & Jason Fitzroy Jeffers, whose short film T won the Golden Bear at the last Berlinale.

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