Christian Bale and Scott Cooper reunite for the third time with the historic thriller “The Pale Blue Eye”, Deets Inside!

Christian Bale and Scott Cooper reunite for third film ‘The Pale Blue Eye’ (Photo credit: Instagram / Christian Bale & IMDb)

Hollywood actor Christian Bale, well known for his versatility and intensive acting method, is set to reunite with director Scott Cooper to direct their third film together. The two had previously teamed up for two films “Out of the Furnace” and “Hostiles”.

There are reports that Cooper will direct his own screenplay adapted from the 2006 novel of the same name by Louis Bayard. It will be the historical thriller “The Pale Blue Eye”. Scroll down to find out more.

As reported by Deadline, Christian Bale will play the role of a veteran detective investigating the murders. He would be helped by a detail-oriented young cadet, Edgar Allan Poe, who would later become a world-renowned author. The filmmaker also made a statement detailing his inspiration for the project to the publication.

Scott Cooper said: “Even though Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston and died deliriously in Baltimore, the majority of his life has been spent in Virginia, my home state. So I grew up with his presence. He’s bequeathed the detective genre to us, and he’s still so present in our culture today, with every horror, mystery, and sci-fi writer indebted to Poe. This is my attempt at a large-canvas thriller, with a serial killer at its center. I want to make films that push me into a different, perhaps uncomfortable space, but I’m happy that Christian is accompanying there. I’ve wanted to do this for over a decade and luckily for me, Christian has aged perfectly in the main character. He was way too young when I first thought about doing this. Movies are supposed to happen at the right time. Christian is always in high demand, but being able to do it with him will be such a joy for me.

Oscar winner and occasional cap crusader, Christian Bale will also be a producer with Cross Creek’s Scott Cooper, John Lesher and Tyler Thompson. The report also revealed that the project is slated to take place this fall.

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