Chris Pratt’s Sci-Fi ‘The Tomorrow War’ Bought From Streamers By Skydance – Deadline

UPDATE at 6:05 p.m. after the previous exclusivity: As we told you before, Skydance had to unload The war of tomorrow. Tonight, Amazon aggressively offered $ 200 million. The deal is still not done. Amazon recently bought Paramount Coming 2 America for $ 125 million, which was due to debut during the holiday lane, and Skydance’s Without remorse which was also set to hit theaters via Paramount last fall.

EXCLUSIVE, 11:01 am: We hear that the movie Paramount / Skydance Chris Pratt The war of tomorrow was recently screened to major streamers over the weekend. It played very well, I hear, and that there is a strong interest in the film. Skydance, I understand, is leading the process of selling the film here, not Paramount.

Daria Cercek and Michael Ireland officially named Paramount Pictures production co-chairs

The sci-fi film, which Pratt is also an EP on, follows a man who is recruited to fight in a future war where the fate of humanity rests on his ability to face his past. Written by Zach Dean, The war of tomorrow is original intellectual property and having it launched by a streamer, especially since the exhibition returns with strong branded rates later in the year, might be the best course of action. If it was a normal market, The war of tomorrow, which has tested very well, stick to a theatrical plan. The photo was originally intended to be a Christmas pole and currently has a theatrical date July 23, 2021.

While Paramount has seen a number of its films on its slate head to streamers; Much of this has to do with the fact that cinema financiers are betting on the events they have invested in, and the theatrical window during the pandemic provides no benefit with 60% of all US and Canadian theaters closed. IE recently Warner Bros. ‘ Wonder Woman 1984 opened at $ 16.7million on Christmas weekend and plunged to 67% on its second weekend, and an additional 45% on weekend 3 due to a number of factors: lackluster public response as a result, fear of going to the movies during the pandemic, several DMAs closed, and the photo is also available on WarnerMedia’s new streaming service HBO Max.

Recently sold skydance Without remorse on Amazon, and his next animated photos, Bewitched and Luck, to Apple. Both were at Paramount.

Skydance and Paramount did not provide any comment when reached.

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