Chris Evans with cake frosting on his chest and icing on nipples calls out the song “We Just Wanna Eat It … [Jalebi Baby]”

Chris Evans with cake frosting on his chest and icing on nipples calls out the song “We just wanna eat it …” [Jalebi Baby]”Read on (Photo credit – Getty images / Chris Evans)

What comes to your mind when we talk about the most beautiful actors in the world? There’s no way Chris Evans aka Captain America doesn’t cross your mind once. The actor enjoys a huge number of fans on the Internet and today we have a little treat for his fans all over the world.

Her America is a Moment ** let alone has a mad fan following on social media from Avengers: Endgame when we all booed and rooted for that perfectly sculpted booty. Haha!

Today we’re bringing a treat to all Chris Evans fans. We have a photo of the actor from “Not Another Teen Movie” where he was joked in the movie in 2001. The Captain America actor has cake frosting on his nipples with a cherry on top and all that. we want Alexa to play, it’s, “We just wanna eat it … Jalebi Baby”.

Look at the picture here:

Chris Evans With Cake Frosting On His Chest And Cherry On His Nipples Calls The Song
(Photo credit – Getty image)

It’s a hot pic of Chris Evans, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, last year in September, the Captain America actor mistakenly shared his photo on his social media account.

Chris Evans accidentally shared a photo of ap * nis while playing harmlessly on Instagram. The Avengers: Endgame star shared a short video on his Instagram Stories of himself and a few friends playing Heads Up on Saturday. But at the end of the video, a photo from the actor’s phone camera appeared, which featured a close-up photo of ap * nis.

Another photo showed an image of the star’s face with the text “keep this p **** y” on. Evans quickly deleted the story, but not before screenshots started to circulate on social media, quickly becoming the number one trending topic on Twitter.

The photo has become a rage on social networks not to be forgotten.

What do you think of Chris Evans’ cake frosting image? Tell us in the comments below.

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