Chris Evans’ video drives fans crazy

Chris Evans shared a video on Instagram in which he dives into the pool, unleashing the enthusiasm of fans who seem to have appreciated the spectacular athletic gesture made by the Captain America star.

The actor, in his online stories, simply wrote: “The last swim before the pool goes into hibernation”.

The video shows Chris Evans in costume, a situation that also allows you to see his tattoos, ready to jump into the pool located in his garden.

The actor also joked about the water’s temperature and his inability to get a tan before jumping back into the water. To the delight of the fans could not miss an appearance of his beloved dog Dodger who went to check what was happening to the actor.

Chris Evans quickly got into the trending topics on Twitter between those who joked about the need to buy a new phone with higher image quality and those who demanded a clearer view of tattoos, of which there is still no clear description although some fans suppose they also include Garuda, a winged bird linked to the Buddhist tradition.

Among Evans’ upcoming projects will be the film The Gray Man which will see him star opposite Ryan Gosling. The project, directed by the Russo brothers, will be a thriller set in the world of spies and stars Gray Man, a freelance assassin and former CIA agent called Court Gentry. The novel written by Greaney tells of a lethal duel as Gentry (Ryan Gosling) is chased around the world by Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), formerly his colleague.

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