Choose your first industry job

Also, we’re talking about the big buy from Amazon!

Charles and Kath are back to share big news on mergers and acquisitions, HD on TV, and their thoughts on the smartest first job in the movie industry you could get.

In this episode we talk about …

  • HBO Max will be merged with Discovery – which is exciting for filmmakers because whatever name it ends with, it will have a much larger documentation platform.
  • The nature of mergers and acquisitions and how some film studios and platforms often “marry” and “divorce” partners.
  • Lessons for filmmakers in history, how the HBO Max merger came about, and why friendships are complicated in this industry.
  • How Amazon is in talks to buy MGM.
  • The Lessons Filmmakers Can Learn About Their Intellectual Property Relationships From Amazon If They May Buy MGM.
  • Nobody starts out in their dream job, but you can be strategic about your early career jobs.
  • Both Kath’s and Charles’ early career jobs and how they got where they are today, as well as things they would have wished for differently in retrospect.
  • How networking evolved from the days Charles cold faxed hundreds of companies to today where you can use social media to gently remind people that you exist.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a script reader as a young professional.
  • Job search resources so you know where to apply.
  • How broadcast television is moving much slower than other technologies because the move to HD movies is a huge infrastructural change.
  • Why TV companies have little incentive to make such a large investment unless there is massive consumer push.
  • Various factors that can affect the appearance of the resolution of 4k and 8k streaming.

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