Choose who can reply to you on Twitter, new feature

If you have a private (padlocked) profile on Twitter, then your messages can only be seen by your followers. And the same to respond to a message you post. But if you have the public profile, then anyone can answer you. What if we could choose that, customize who can reply to a tweet from us? It can, and indeed is, part of a new Twitter feature.

Choose who to reply to a Tweet

The social network wants its users to have more control over their conversations, and that a troll, flamer or existential embitter cannot screw up what can be a good tweeter thread. In fact, you can already hide responses that you do not like to a tweet of yours. But starting today, users of the iOS version of the application can already test the function and choose who can reply to your Tweet and join the conversation you have started.

Before posting your Tweet, you will be able to choose between three reply options:

– Everyone (default setting)

– Only people you follow

– Only people you mention

In the case of the last two options, the Tweets will be tagged and the reply icon will appear gray so that people are clear that they cannot reply. Other people can see it, Retweet, Retweet with Comments or like Tweets.

As can be read in the latest update of the application on the Apple Store, “in May we tested a new way to have conversations with exactly who you want, so that you can create and consume more meaningful exchanges. Now, everyone can try this new feature and choose who can reply to your Tweets. ”

Therefore, if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can now choose who can reply to you on Twitter. But for now, this function is only available for iOS, although it is clear that it will end up coming to Android.

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