Chiranjeevi back in politics? Janasena frontman Nadendla Manohar hints at superstar’s future

Janasena boss Nadendla Manohar hints at superstars Chiranjeevi’s return to politics (Photo credit – Nadendla Manohar / Facebook / Chiranjeevi / Instagram)

Nadendla Manohar, Janasena leader and assistant to Pawan Kalyan, hinted at Chiranjeevi’s future “role” in politics at a recent internal party meeting, the video of which was broadcast on a local news channel on Wednesday.

Manohar addressed the issue in what appeared to be an explanation to Janasena supporters during a closed-door meeting about why Kalyan returned to the theater. He claimed that Kalyan had quit acting in films for political reasons.

“For political reasons, he also left the cinema. Now that we are a little free, in several stages that we have gone through, we have to say that films are also needed. I have to say this because this is an internal meeting, ”Manohar said in the video that appeared to have been recorded by one of the participants in that internal meeting.

According to the former Speaker of the United Andhra Pradesh Assembly, Kalyan’s brother Chiranjeevi and founder of another political party, Prajarajyam, had encouraged party founder Janasena to act for another one or two years before fully engage in politics.

“Once, Kalyan and Chiranjeevi sat down together and talked. Chiranjeevi said the time should be allocated to films for one or two years. After that, you are completely into politics. In your political journey, I will certainly be with you, ”said Manohar.

At the mention of Chiranjeevi’s “support”, the participants exploded into a roar of applause and approval.

Kalyan founded Janasena just before the 2014 general election in which he abstained from running, but fully supported the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) of N. – until the 2009 election.

However, Chiranjeevi’s political ambitions could not penetrate the stronghold of Congress led by YS Rajasekhar Reddy. After Chiranjeevi merged Prajarajyam into the Congress party in 2012 and continued to enjoy a central government ministerial position in the UPA-II, Kalyan was politically inactive but resurfaced in 2014 with his own party.

Janasena contested the 2019 general election without Chiranjeevi’s participation, but awarded a deputy seat to her other brother Nagendra Babu, a comedy judge and fellow Tollywood actor.

Kalyan, who challenged in Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram, Babu and all the other members of his party lost in the 2019 polls, except for Rapaka Varaprasad, current MP for Razole, whose actor-politician did not managed to retain loyalty.

Chiranjeevi has already been inactive in politics for several years but Manohar’s revelations may rekindle some hopes for the legendary actor’s political reinstatement among his fans and supporters.

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