China’s 20th crypto rank: Bitcoin, Ethereum, which rank?

Backed by the Chinese government, the institute has published its 20th assessment report on blockchains. Top five; It consisted of EOS, Ethereum, IOST, Tron and Dash.

The Research Institute of China Information and Industry Development Center (CCID), supported by the Chinese government, published the 20th of its public blockchain technology reviews.

In the last report, 37 projects were thoroughly evaluated.

The projects were ranked in three different categories. These consist of basic technology, applicability and creativity.

EOS, Ethereum, IOST and Tron, which were in the top five in the previous report, maintained their rankings, while NEO fell to 8th place. Dash took his place.

Top 5 of the last evaluation

1. EOS (145.5)
2. Ethereum (138.8)
3. IOST (134.4)
4.Tron (132.2)
5. Dash (114.9)

On the other hand, crypto money projects such as Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum Classic have stepped up significantly compared to the previous evaluation. Dash jumped 5 steps to 5th place, Litecoin jumped 6 to 26th, Bitcoin jumped 3 to 11th, and Ethereum Classic jumped 3 to 19th.

Zilliqa, Qtum, Ontology and Stratis regressed the most. These projects dropped 6, 5, 4, and 4 places, respectively, and ranked 27, 12, 21, and 33.

The last 5 were:

37. IOTA (71.1)
36.Bytecoin (77.2)
35.Decred (79.4)
34.Cardano (79.5)
33. Stratis (82.3)


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