Chernobyl, Louis Theroux White House Farm Show – Deadline

Sky is set to travel familiar, award-winning terrain as it revisits the story of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster as part of a list of new documentaries that will premiere on the Comcast-owned pay-TV giant in the UK and in Ireland.

Sky commissioned Emmy-winning filmmaker James Jones to produce a definitive 90-minute documentary on the collapse of the Soviet power plant in 1986. Chernobyl ’86, it draws on archival footage and newly discovered testimonies to lay bare the tragedy and heroic efforts to prevent another explosion.

The film will be produced by Top Hat Productions in association with Sky Studios. Jones, who led By order of the president and Mosul, directs the documentary, which premieres on Sky Documentaries next year.

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Sky hopes that some of the magic of his highly decorated drama series Chernobyl, which has packed Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Emmys, stands out Chernobyl ’86. Such was the success that Sky credited the Sister-produced series for helping it become a force in original television.

Also on the Sky Documentary list, as part of a larger unveiling of 125 original series, films and documents, is Louis Theroux’s Mindhouse Productions first project that will not feature the cult documentary filmmaker on camera.

The Bambers: Murder on the Farm (working title) examines the tragic murder of a family on a remote English farm in 1985. The three-part True Crime series uses firsthand testimony and unseen archival footage to reflect on the events and the conviction of Jeremy Bamber, who was brother of murdered mother Sheila Caffell.

Theroux, who executive produces alongside Arron Fellows, said: “Much of the drive to start a production company a little over a year ago was to create programs in which I don’t appear. … It’s a socially important story, with a compelling narrative, and the intention is to tell it in a way that is both responsive and creatively ambitious. “

Elsewhere, Blast! Films and Sky Studios to Make Dramatic Three-Part Documentary Liverpool Narcos, which delves into the underworld of a British city that became the epicenter of a UK drug boom in the 1980s. NBCUniversal Global Distribution distributes.

Arrow Pictures to Examine UK AIDS Crisis in Three Parts Positive, while in Natural History, True to Nature, supported by Sky Studios, will take a light look at the daily lives of rival troops of Black Crested Macaques in the remote forests of Tangkoko National Park in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Made alongside Sky Studios, in five parts Gangs of Macaque Island will premiere on Sky Nature and follow Gangs of Lemur Island. NBCUniversal Global Distribution will handle international sales of the series.

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