Check out these crazy cool 3D renders of the internet’s biggest CG challenge

Sit back, relax and be inspired by some of the best CG artists in the world …

Pay respect when respect is due! And damn it … these 3D artists deserve all the respect in the world for their contribution to “the internet’s greatest CG challenge”. Moderated by graphic artist and motion designer Clinton Jones, aka Pwnisher on YouTube, this CG viral internet challenge is truly a sight to behold.

Over the course of a month, Jones threw down the digital gauntlet in the CG community with his “Alternate Realities CG Challenge” when he delivered a basic start animation of a humanoid trudging under a large ball through a barren landscape. Visually it wasn’t too much, but for many it offered a world of possibilities.

We’re going to get into some more details of the project, but first you simply need to check out the top 100 3D renders from this CG challenge below.

The CG challenge of alternative realities

So there is a lot to discover here. We have 100 of the best renderings depicting the work of some of the best 3D and CG artists in the world.

All of them start from the same baseplate, which you can see here in the picture above.

This top selection ranges from werewolves to space explorers and medieval warriors. You can see the insane amount of passion, ingenuity, and creativity that goes into each composition as each seven second clip feels like it contains an entire narrative story.

In total, according to Jones, in the end over 2,400 artists submitted compositions that he had to put into the top 100 – with the five best prizes from 3D animation and motion companies such as Rokoko, Wacom, Quixel, PNY and Aftershokz.

You can view the winning selections under the timestamps below.

  • 1. – Stephen Grimm 1:32
  • 2. – Klay Abele 0:22
  • 3. – Julienne Aldric 8:37
  • 4. – Stefan Frank 2:12
  • 5. – Pierson Edwards 6:22

If you’re looking for some extra creative motivation, you can also check out all of the 2,400 submissions below.

Get started with 3D motion and VFX

If you are like me it is very inspiring to see these compositions. Each clip really shows so many unique thoughts and ideas that, when placed side by side, really make you want to see what you could come up with for yourself.

However, like many who have just dealt with 3D motion and design, these high quality animations seem light years away from what you might be able to learn in an afternoon. But don’t let this thought stop you from developing new skills yourself!

Clinton jones’ pwnisher YouTube channel is really a great place to start, and as he says at the end of his Top 100 video, he’s happy to help newcomers by explaining how he creates compositions like his own contributions to the project.

You can also improve your skills in more familiar programs such as Adobe After Effects before switching to more advanced 3D software like Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya or Blender.

Here are some great No Film School articles and tutorials to get you started on your own journey.

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