Check out the Atlas Orion Silver Edition Cine Lenses

Atlas Lens Co. has released a Silver Edition of their Orion cinema lenses that offer more control over flares.

The Atlas Orion series has anamorphic lenses with 2x squeeze. With focal lengths from 32 mm to 100 mm, each of the six lenses in the family offers a fast T2.0 aperture, covers Super 35 mm sensors up to an image circle of 31 mm, has the same front diameter of 114 mm and is standard -Gears of 0.8 m focus systems.

While they’re not the cheapest on the block, they are cheaper than some of the high-end cinema glasses, as each focal length is around $ 9,000, which is similar in price to the Xelmus Apollo anamorphic lenses.

Recognition: Atlas Lens Co.

Atlas has now added the Orion Silver Edition to the mix, a limited edition based on the same mechanical design and focal lengths as the original series, but with different optical adjustments.

According to Atlas, what sets the Silver Edition apart is that the neutral flare properties take on the color of the surrounding light source.

Instead of the bluish-green torches that we are used to with anamorphic lenses, the Silver Edition mimics the ambient light. If you are shooting with warmer tungsten light, the flares will create warmer flares. Cooler light, cooler torches.

In addition, the distance between the lens elements has been adjusted in order to achieve a different focus falloff than with the original lenses.

The Silver Edition is only available in fixed form and contains 32, 40, 50, 65, 80 and 100 mm for T2.0. Like the original Orion series, the Silver Edition is designed for Super 35 image acquisition, but with the Atlas 1.6x LF ExtenderThe lenses can cover large format sensors such as ARRI LF, Sony VENICE and RED Monstro.

Atlas states that only 100 of the Silver Edition sets will be made. The price for the six focal lengths is $ 89,000, which is roughly $ 14,800 per lens. When buying the lenses, there are two ATA sleeves to store the expensive glass.

Hopefully some rental companies will consider adding them to their inventory as the cost is out of reach for most indie filmmakers.

For more information, visit the Atlas Lens Co. website.

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