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These short films show the charm of Tokyo.

Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia is an Oscar accredited festival. This means that the winner of the best short film prizes in the competition and the non-fiction competition for next year has been nominated for the short film categories of the Academy Awards.

The festival was founded in 1999 as the Short Shorts Film Festival (SSFF). In 2004, the SSFF added a program for Asian short films and, with the support of the Governor of Tokyo, founded the Short Shorts Film Festival Asia.

Now the combination of the two festivals takes place annually in Tokyo as the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of the largest short film festivals in Asia. This year’s festival will take place from June 11th to 21st.

We are about to open the festival, but shorts im Cinematic Tokyo Category are already being streamed online. The Cinematic Tokyo program, founded in 2017, shows short films that share the various charms of Tokyo.

Check out the list below!

“Embrace the Change (Connect with the Wild)”Recognition: Taku Ohmoto

A summer dream

Shigeyuki Komatsubara / 0:15:50 / Japan / Drama / 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is casting a dark shadow over the world. Japan declares a state of emergency and many stores are forced to close. Years later, two people meet again and remember those days. Are these scenes on a roof a reality or a manifestation of your dreams and desires?

And then

Jenn Ravenna Tran / 0:17:54 / USA / Romance / 2020

And then is about two women who meet and get closer to each other through their insomnia and art. The story follows Mana, a Japanese-American woman who arrives in Tokyo to take a break from her life as an artist, and Haru, a Japanese woman who dreams of becoming an artist herself one day.

‘Start again’Recognition: Yasu Fujinami

Start over

Yasu Fujinami / 0:03:10 / Japan / Documentary / 2020

2020 is the year for Tokyo to welcome guests from all over the world. However, the city is eerily calm, as if time has stood still. Our documentation of the beautiful moments in the city will certainly be the driving force to overcome the unprecedented crisis. Watch our beautiful Tokyo emerge again.

Embrace the Change (Connect with the Wild)

Taku Ohmoto / 0:04:43 / Japan / Documentary / 2020

Ryo Haruyama is a performer who experiments with physical abilities with his body and works as a performance coach for his clients. This documentary follows his daily life in the pandemic. It also shows his energetic performance in a natural setting in Okutama, Tokyo.

“Farewell Tokyo”Recognition: Ben Wang

Farewell Tokyo

Ben Wang / 0:13:28 / China & Japan / Documentary / 2021

A Chinese student studying in Tokyo has many memories of the big city. However, because of the corona pandemic, he has to return to his country. What are his precious memories of Tokyo and his wish on the way home?


Emily San Pedro & Earl Standerford / 0:13:10 / Japan / Drama / 2021

A hermit gets into disarray when she finds herself in an unknown location. As she tries to return home, her paranoia consumes her and blurs the lines between reality and imagination.

Dynamic Tokyo

Masaki Hani / 0:06:39 / Japan / Video Art / 2021

For over seven years I shot various beautiful moments at the season change in Tokyo with a 4K camera. Given the ongoing corona pandemic, these precious moments such as festivals, fireworks and Helloween in Shibuya are now unrealistic for us. I pray that those ordinary days will come back soon.


Koei Taga / 0:08:15 / Japan / Drama / 2016

A lonely guy who wants to lose his emotions in Tokyo falls in love with a girl.

‘Deafness’Recognition: Koei Taga

Tokyo connection

Andrzej Rudz / 0:03:10 / Japan / Experimental / 2020

Five stories about life in Tokyo.

Tokyo migration is growing up

Momio Yamamura / 0:18:30 / Japan / Drama / 2020

Sumiko Yagi is 38 years old. She moves to Tokyo to change her normal life and challenge her skills in the big city. This is the story of Sumiko, who moves to Tokyo to start her life over with exaggerated expectations.

“Where Bibi went”Recognition: Tadasuke Kotani

Where Bibi went

Tadasuke Kotani / 0:14:53 / Japan / Drama / 2020

Hinako lives with her cat Bibi. When she opens the front door to take a package, Bibi runs out of the house. Hinako is looking for Bibi while the pandemic continues. While searching, she meets a youthful-looking woman, who is standing in old-fashioned clothes between the Tokyo skyscrapers.

You were my tokyo

Ryo Chita / 0:05:50 / Japan / Music Video / 2020

He went and never came back. She remembers the tiny room in which they lived together. What Tokyo means to them is not the Tokyo Tower or the Skytree, but they were together with him back then. Music video for “You were my Tokyo” by Goodnight Kosugi.

Further information can be found in the Cinematic Tokyo website.

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