Chapters that Made It Easily To Watch Long Videos Comes to YouTube

YouTube has added episodes to the platform that will be a nice alternative especially for long videos. This feature allows you to quickly skip to the section you want by splitting the videos into pieces.

If you’ve previously watched a long video on YouTube for various purposes, you may have seen that the creator added timestamps to certain points of the video. These points allow you to quickly switch to the section that appeals to you in a long video. For example, you may want to skip the introduction part of a video and see the subject. At such points, timestamps can save lives.

This is certainly not the most effective method, but it could save lives in some areas. Fortunately, YouTube seems to have taken into account users’ wishes in this regard. In its latest statement, YouTube will now allow video episodes. This feature, which has been in the testing phase for some time, will be permanent thanks to positive feedback.

How is it working?

The new video episodes feature coming to YouTube is in place of the video player. The feature that shows timestamps for users to jump directly to the point they want is not currently included in many videos, but it is thought that creators will use this feature more in the coming days.

This feature that YouTube offers is completely optional right now. In other words, creators can not use this feature if they want. Nevertheless, we can predict that the videos that have episodes can do extremely successful work. For example, in a sound test video we made; We can include parts such as scratch test, drop test, burning test, Webtekno method. In this way, you can quickly pass the places you want to pass in the video and reach the section you are curious about. Of course, you still watch our videos to the fullest. Overall it is very fun. 🙂

It was announced that this feature of YouTube was also published for the web version besides the Android and iOS version.

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