Cause of Explosion in Beirut from CIA’s Former Employee

A new statement came about the explosion in Lebanon. Robert Baer, ​​a former CIA employee, says the explosion is definitely related to ammonium nitrate, but that’s not the only reason. According to Baer, ​​the reason for the explosion could be military ammunition.

The eyes of the world have been turned into Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country, as of last night. The reason for this was an explosion in the capital Beirut. According to the latest statements, the event that caused at least 100 people to die, suddenly changed the agenda. Some new statements have come about the explosion in Beirut, which is already struggling with bankruptcy and political stalemate.

In a news we shared with you in the morning, we mentioned that the reason for the explosion was not an atomic bomb or a nuclear bomb. Now, a statement has come from Robert Baer, ​​a former CIA employee, on this issue. Speaking about the explosion, Baer said the “ammonium nitrate” descriptions were precise but inadequate.

Making a statement about the explosion that completely destroyed the Port of Beirut, Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab explained that the ammonium nitrate held for 6 years in a warehouse in the port caused this explosion. Former CIA employee Baer says this statement is correct. Stating that he watched the explosion-related videos, Baer states that ammonium nitrate is definitely related to the explosion, but that is not the only reason. According to the former CIA employee, the main thing causing the explosion is military ammunition in the warehouse.

Baer says in his statements on the subject that he is almost certain that military ammunition caused the explosion. According to Baer, ​​the orange fireball that emerged at the time of the explosion is the clearest indication that the main cause of the explosion was military ammunition. At the beginning of the explosion, the white smoke mass seen in the area was the ammonium nitrate itself.

Is the incident an attack?

Attack allegations regarding the explosion in Beirut were another stirring issue. Making statements on this subject, Baer states that there is no evidence of an attack on the explosion. However, the former CIA expert says that there are questions that need to be answered in this explosion, and if the cause of the explosion is as predicted, why the military ammunition is stored there should be revealed.

The explosion in Lebanon, which caused a very serious balance sheet for the country, will continue to be discussed in the coming days. However, we may never learn the details of the explosion that took place in Beirut. Making statements on this issue, Baer states that he has worked in Lebanon for years and that it may be difficult to fully enlighten the incident.

Security expert Abdullah Ağar opened the way for a completely different discussion about the explosion with a video he shared on Twitter. Just before the explosion, you can watch the video shared by Ağar from below, stating that an object is draining from the left side to the area where the explosion is.

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