CMT Music Awards Ratings Rise Since Pandemic Affected 2020 TV Broadcast – Deadline

Returning to live format in their usual spring bunk, the 2021 CMT Music Awards drew a total of 828,000 viewers Live + Same Day on CMT. This was up + 10% from the 2020 CMT Music Awards, which were delayed until October due to the coronavirus pandemic, with much of the event pre-recorded. On the […]

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Review and summary of the film in sublet (2021)

During the five days covered by the film, Tomar shows Michael around and in doing so, the two get to know each other. On the surface, they couldn’t be more different. Michael is calm and withdrawn, dutifully reminds his husband home every night, and clearly has something hanging over his mind that cannot simply be […]

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Bill Maher slams vaccinated mask wearers Joe Manchin, Harry and Meghan – fidgetcube

Bill Maher is hiring people who plan to continue wearing masks and socially distancing themselves in California after June 15. HBO host Real time, who was forced to cancel a few shows after testing positive for Covid last month, said: ‘California we’re back baby, June 15, maybe we can stop this distancing and masking silliness […]

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Review and summary of the movie Akilla’s Escape (2021)

This compassion is at the heart of director Charles Officer’s film, but his script with Wendy Motion Brathwaite frustrates by ignoring or downplaying anything that would have given their film something new or intriguing to say. For example, there’s a big scene between Akilla and Benji (Colm Feore), the man who grows the varieties of […]

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Digital Underground rapper Shock D has died of drug overdose – fidgetcube

UPDATE: Shock G, a founding member of Digital Underground, better known by his alter ego MC Humpty Hump’s name, has died of an accidental overdose, forensic scientists today said. The initial case summary released by the Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office in Florida indicated that Shock G (real name Gregory Jacobs) died of an accidental […]

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Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway (2021) movie review

That’s one of the troubling guidelines here: an awareness of commercializing these characters by taking them out of their traditional, quiet setting and putting them in a more wacky, contemporary setting while making fun of that choice. Rose Byrne’s character – named Bea, in case you can’t figure out the connection – is now the […]

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Late night TV hosts and the Queen mock photo of G7 leaders – fidgetcube

As leaders from the world’s seven largest ‘advanced economies’ gathered in the UK to discuss substantive issues such as the pandemic, healthcare, climate change and corporate taxes, the trolls of the Social media were more interested in the bizarre ‘family photo’ leaders took to a Cornish beach on Friday morning. The rigid and socially distant […]

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Review and summary of the film Censor (2021)

“Male inadequacy; revenge catharsis, ”Enid replies with a cheeky smile. Maybe she’s answered that question already, if only in her head. Anne persists: “Doesn’t that bother you? But Enid is not that easy to understand, not yet anyway. “I just focus on doing it right,” she insists. “Don’t even think about anything else.” “Censor” inevitably […]

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Sarah Jessica Parker Posts Photos From ‘Sex And The City’ Reunion – Deadline

It has been over a decade since Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis appeared onscreen as their Sex and the city characters, but they looked comfortable together in a photo Parker posted to his Instagram on Friday night. Captioned “Together Again,” the photo of the three with the Empire State Building in the […]

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Skater Girl movie review & movie summary (2021)

The film splits into two tracks: Jessica’s attempts to secure funds for the skatepark and Prerna’s attempts to carve out a space in her life where she can skate whenever she wants (that means hiding her skate from her parents. , sneak out of the house, etc.). Many intersecting issues are exposed: tradition and resistance, […]

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