Chloé Zhao and George Clooney discuss “Happy Accidents” on the set

It doesn’t always go that way on set. Embrace the Chaos! Movies like Nomad land and Midnight sky it looks very different on paper. One is a minimalist look at life in the Midwest, the other is an expensive science fiction film about life on earth. But when it comes down to it, every movie […]

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Bet you didn’t know about Star Wagons

Grab your notebook and pens as it’s time for a quick Hollywood history lesson. Hollywood has a lot of history that is lost under the stars and flashing lights. Thanks to Jason Kilar’s Twitter threadWe have a brief story about something we see every time we walk through a studio property. I’m talking about Star […]

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Audiio now offers universal licenses for filmmakers

The company has also redesigned its website for better search. Audiio was launched just a year ago and is now offering a new subscription called Audiio Pro Here developers get access to all songs and sound effects on their platform with unlimited downloads. Even better, the license covers distribution via YouTube, TV, VoD and other […]

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The Sony 14mm F1.8 G Master lens is sharp and fast

Sony is expanding its G Master series with a wide-angle lens for filmmakers. The Sony E-Mount series today offers a new option with the Sony FE 14mm F1.8 G Master, a lens that will impress videographers and still photographers alike from the first images. The FE 14mm F1.8 has all of the optical design features […]

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Former HFPA President Shares Email Call To Black Lives Matter As “Hate Movement”

The Hollywood Foreign Press must do an internal audit. Phil Berk served eight terms as president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. You’ve been caught up in controversy for years, not least his alleged sexual harassment of Brendan Fraser. Now he’s in hot water again. He sent an email to HFPA members on Sunday containing […]

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Zack Snyder originally had a different plan for the Batman vs. Superman title

Batman versus Superman was a polarizing film – but did you know that Zack Snyder wanted to call it something else? Zack Snyder is known for his strong artistic vision and writing personality that is sometimes not fully implemented by the studio. He has a special purpose for his films. We learned that Chris Terrio, […]

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Based on a true story, this writer / director landed his feature debut

Concrete cowboy is a true story, love work, and star-studded debut. Ricky Staub cared enough about the true story of the Fletcher Street Riders to invest a lot of time bringing it to life. That worry paid off when he got the chance to make his feature film debut Concrete cowboy for Netflixwith Idris Elba […]

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M1 comes to Apple’s new iMac, Plus 5.4K Retina screen, slim design

Apple’s 4/20 event was heavily geared towards new technologies. As expected, the latest Apple iMacs advertise the new M1 chip and offer up to 85% faster performance with the 8-core CPU, allowing filmmakers to have up to four streams of 4K footage or a single stream of 8K footage in Final Cut can edit professional. […]

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Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras for better AF performance

A new firmware update for the Z7 II, Z6, II, Z7 and Z6 will be released on April 26th to improve autofocus performance. Nikon is fresh from the lab with a new firmware update for its Z-series mirrorless cameras. The update improves autofocus performance in low light conditions on the Z7 II, Z6 II, Z7, […]

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Capture natural colors with Tiffen’s NATural ND filters

Tiffen’s NATural ND filters cover the full spectrum with a consistent neutral image. Color shift, IR contamination, and the challenge of full spectrum light coverage are just some of the problems cameramen and still photographers face when shooting with a modern digital camera. Tiffen designed hers NATural ND Filter with these issues in mind. Tiffen […]

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