Is this the future of filmmaking? Testing the latest in-camera VFX toolset from Unreal Engine

Learn how virtual production tools like UE 4.27 are revolutionizing the film and video industry. So, categorize this as either incredibly cool, or possibly quite appalling and intimidating. Unreal Engine just got an in-depth look at their upcoming UE 4.27 release for their newest in-camera VFX toolset. Collaboration with Epic Games and the Filmmaker Collective […]

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‘The Last Duel’ had a variety of writers covering each character’s POV

When writing a story, you should consider all perspectives. The upcoming film The last duel is one of the most anticipated releases of autumn. The film is directed by Ridley Scott, with a script based on the book The Final Duel: A True Story of Battle in Medieval France from Eric Hunter. TThe script was […]

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Bob Odenkirk hospitalized

Saul’s better reputation and No one Star collapsed on the set and was hospitalized late Tuesday night. Diversity reports that Bob Odenkirk collapsed on the set of Better call Saul. Crew members quickly got an ambulance to their location and it is now receiving medical attention. We don’t know otherwise at the moment, but will […]

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Canon EOS R3 should now only have a 24 MP sensor

One of the most anticipated cameras of the NAB 2021 can apparently not yet decide on its resolution … Canon what are you doing In less than a month or two before the release of the new Canon EOS R3, Canon has yet to confirm exact specifications of what … you know … what this […]

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Unlock cinematic movements with these popular grip rigs

Let your inner scorsese out with these cinematic Grab maneuvers … One popular term that gets tossed around quite a bit in film circles (and yes, any Facebook movie discussion) is the word cinematic. defines “cinematic” as “from, in relation to, suggestive or suitable for motion pictures or the filming of motion pictures”, while […]

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“Nine Days” is the movie of our time – how the hell did it come about?

A filmmaker’s dream has been interrupted … The first feature film by writer / director Edson Oda Nine days premiered at Sundance 2020 where it won the Screenwriting Award and was acquired by Sony Pictures Classics. A dream come true for a filmmaker for the first time, isn’t it? The film, which is about social […]

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The YouTuber, who published his own deepfakes, was hired by LucasFilm

Everyone is talking about deepfakes, but you could also hire them. When the series finale of The Mandalorian premiered, everyone was delighted with Luke Skywalker’s performance at the end. The CGI was seen as revolutionary, if not a little premature. But the idea that they could recreate a younger Mark Hamill was a big deal. […]

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Log on! Sony introduces its first “vlog camera” in the Alpha series with interchangeable lenses

Vlogger, light your LED ring lights, because Sony has backed up with its new ZV-E10 camera. For many, the name of the digital video camera game is pixel count. Which manufacturer can cram the largest sensor into the smallest frame at the best price? To others, the name of the game seems to be … […]

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Do you want the perfect gory sound? How to create it

Fatalities never sounded so cool. Mortal Kombat is known for his outrageous finishing moves that leave the victim heartless or mindless. The 2021 reboot, released back in April, didn’t shy away from the blood and fame of these epic battle scenes. Part of what these fights are for fans of the Mortal Kombat Franchise was […]

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Shyamalan likes his craziest movies the most

Shyamalan is back with another big twist. As his new film Old conquered the box office, M. Night Shyamalan basks in the glamor of his comeback. With 13 films under his belt, Shyamalan has grown from child prodigy to punch line to top of the box office in around 25 years, which is a real […]

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