Could Beauty Kill Cinema?

The cinematography has become so clear and perfect – but is that the essence of cinema? I like to go to the cinema. It has to do with seeing a story on the largest possible screen that completely envelops you. You’re not looking at your phone or (hopefully) chatting to the person next to you, […]

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NBC cancels the 2022 Golden Globes amid the HFPA game

The HFPA has come under fire and the game is real. Amid calls for diversity and inclusion, NBC has decided to cancel the 2022 Golden Globes. NBC released a statement this morning stating, “We continue to believe the HFPA is committed to meaningful reform. However, changing this magnitude will take time and effort, and we […]

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Tom Cruise is returning all of his gold globes in protest against the HFPA

Tom Cruise used to have three Golden Globes. Now he has zero. According to DeadlineTom Cruise has joined the greats who have severed ties with the Hollywood Foreign Press due to a lack of diversity, inclusion, and indiscretions in the past. It was reported that he sent all three of his Golden Globes back to […]

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HFPA asked Netflix to reconsider after the streamer cut them off

Netflix cut the HFPA off after malpractice issues, but the HFPA wants them back. After a series of allegations against the Hollywood Foreign Press, Netflix decided to do so Disconnect from the group last Thursday. In recent years there have been allegations of sexism, harassment and discrimination within the HFPA ranks. The details piled up, […]

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What’s the best scene in all of the ‘Mad Men’?

mad Men is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. But we look at it at the micro level. There were seven seasons of mad Men that spanned nearly two decades of America. There were thousands of scenes, big and small. But what was the best scene at the center of the show? […]

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Michael Corleone’s arc in “The Godfather” films proves he’s the best character of all time

I think Michael Corleone is the best character ever written. Find out why below. I saw The Godfather First time when I was 13 years old. I downloaded it because it was an R rated Mafia movie and I thought it was going to be every 13 year old’s dream. Instead, I was given an […]

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How Did Steven Spielberg’s ‘Schindler’s List’ Change World History?

Few films have the social impact of Schindler’s List. What’s on your list for movies that you think every person in the world should have to see? What titles come to mind when you think about narratives that matter across all social strata and class? For me, Schindler’s List ranks at the top. It’s a […]

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Do you need inspiration? Download the entire Louvre art collection for free!

Now you can view and download 480,000 works of art from the Louvre. The pandemic has forced us all inside, and while it appears to be nearing its end, you may not yet have the means or the ability to travel to Paris to see some of the most important works of art in the […]

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Why would Joss Whedon threaten Gal Gadot?

Don’t take on Wonder Woman if you can’t handle the lasso of truth. We know the amount of Justice League was frightened between the cast and the substitute director. We’ve heard of the abuse Ray Fisher suffered, and we know that Zack Snyder had to struggle a long time to see his version of the […]

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Zhiyun’s new Smooth-Q3 stabilizes smartphone footage with ease

The Smooth-Q3 makes it easy to switch from low angle shooting to high angle shooting. The gimbal smartphone market is full of competition, so Zhiyun offers a variety of content creator-friendly options including the Crane-M2, Smooth-X, Smooth-XS, and Smooth-Q2. Your newest that Smooth-Q3, rather adopts a classic gimbal design similar to the DJI Osmo Mobile […]

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