Lectrosonics is expanding its digital wireless offering with two new transmitters

The Lectrosonics DBSM and DBSMD transmit fully digital audio and are compatible with a wide variety of digital Lectro receivers. When it comes to today’s audio trends, 32-bit float recording is a popular buzzword, but for most uses you can find many production sound mixers that are recorded on site. DBSM and DBSMD are two […]

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How to Create Better Image Contrast During Color Correction (Part 3)

Welcome to the last part of the series “Creating better contrasts”. As we discussed in this three-part series (Part 1 and Part 2), contrast manipulation is the fundamental building block of color correction and underpins virtually everything we do. After examining how we can get better tone and color contrast, let’s focus on three principles […]

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LEDs, cameras, action – working on virtual productions

What is virtual LED production technology, why is it changing Hollywood, and how can filmmakers best shoot on a next-generation LED stage? Find out in this interview! Imagine stepping onto a movie set that lets you capture a golden hour that lasts all day, change the weather, move photorealistic mountains in the background, blockbuster-quality VFX […]

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Nic Cage and Seth Rogen had a meeting – here’s what happened next

It turns out that Seth Rogen and Nic Cage may not be friends. I have to admit, one of my favorite things to do in Hollywood is hearing stories about Nic Cage. It seems like his legend is bigger than his acting career, which is a shame because he’s one of the greatest actors alive […]

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Check out the Atlas Orion Silver Edition Cine Lenses

Atlas Lens Co. has released a Silver Edition of their Orion cinema lenses that offer more control over flares. The Atlas Orion series has anamorphic lenses with 2x squeeze. With focal lengths from 32 mm to 100 mm, each of the six lenses in the family offers a fast T2.0 aperture, covers Super 35 mm […]

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Vector Diversity in Wireless Audio Explained

Lectrosonics has developed a new method to deal with interference from vector diversity. Let’s take a look at what that means. When it comes to improving wireless performance, manufacturers often use receivers Variety to improve the reception of RF signals. Before diving into vector diversity, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the basics […]

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Fight for love and justice in “time”

Learn from the editor of time, one of the most important documentaries of 2020. This post was written by Meagan Keane and originally appeared on Adobe blog on April 19, 2021. Nominated for Best Documentary at the Academy Awards, Amazon Studios’ time follows Fox Rich, who is fighting for the release of her husband, Rob […]

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Check out Sofia Coppola’s black and white ballet short

Get ready to dance in your living room. When things return to normal, great cultural centers will open up. But how will you choose who to patronize first? Well, the New York Ballet had Sofia Coppola create a black and white short film promoting the return of their 2021 Spring Gala. It’s an exciting short […]

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Adobe Audition has M1 support as well as better text gradients in Premiere Pro

Adobe’s Creative Cloud May updates improve Audition and Premiere Pro. Adobe is back with another round Creative cloud Update. The good news is that for Adobe Audition Audio editing software users now support Apple M1 devices and receive new features and updates including an updated volume meter (also new in) Premiere Pro) and Strip Silence […]

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Cinematographer Craig Wrobleski cancels “The Unholy” in the upcoming event

The makers of the film The unholy one take you behind the scenes in a free panel. The Los Angeles Post-Production Group (LAPPG) is offering a free zoom panel on Saturday, May 15, 2021, starting at 1 p.m., showing the filming of the film Evan SpiliotopoulosDirector of the film The unholy one. On the panel, […]

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