How the biggest films of the year combine their meaning with symbolic composition

Every shot in a film conveys information that filmmakers expect from us. They can communicate something directly or indirectly, but the best filmmakers can even communicate with us subconsciously. By learning the language of composition and framing of recordings, we can decipher how filmmakers incorporate symbolism into their images to give them a deeper meaning. […]

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How to remove an actor in three easy steps

Zack Snyder used a unique process for editing Tig Notaro into them Army of the Dead Role. Zack Snyder’s new Zombie Heist movie has seen some major changes ahead of its release. Comedian Tig Notaro stepped into a role originally played by fellow comedian Chris D’Elia. D’Elia was accused of persecuting underage girls in June […]

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The controversial erotic thriller ‘365 Days’ receives Part 2 and Part 3 on Netflix

While many streamers longed for it Normal people and Bridgerton In 2020 the underground awesome hit for real minds was a mysterious foreign film called 365 days. Apparently only through word of mouth the Polish film (previously titled) 365 dni) snuck into Netflix’s top 10 and stayed there for quite a while in 2020. Netflix […]

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Travel with the ‘Fast & Furious’ crew for 20 years

Do you remember where the crew started 20 years ago? F9 is the ninth chapter in the Fast & Furious Saga that has lasted for two decades and made more than $ 5 billion worldwide. It was an amazing franchise that thrives on huge, creative standards and is built on the backbone of family and […]

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Why was Universal using a man’s voice to dub Laverne Cox in “Promising Young Woman”?

Trans rights are human rights. Before we get into the controversy, we need to point out that Universal Pictures has already apologized (via Weekly entertainment). What happened was that for the Italian publication of Promising young womanIn the studio, the voices of all characters were synchronized. But when it came to Laverne Cox’s character, instead […]

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Understanding movie set electricity

Step up your gaffing game with these essential lighting and safety tips. I recently made a short film in an AirBNB, a house that had been converted into multiple units. Although it was a large house, we limited ourselves to a very small part of it, and the rest of the place was locked and […]

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Emily gets to the point – the superhero genre is exhausted

Will the superhero bubble burst? When sitting with Howard Stern this weekEmily Blunt suppressed rumors that she and her husband John Krasinski would face each other in a game Fantastic Four Restart. She told Stern that superhero films “don’t play” [her] Alley.” She continues, “This is fan casting. Nobody got a call … They’re just […]

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Jim Cummings shares 10 tips for filmmakers

Sometimes a little advice is enough. I don’t know about you, but I really love Jim Cummings. He’s such a generous filmmaker who seems to really understand the deep connection between the audience and the moving image. Like his works Thunder road Often mix genres and tones to truly evoke the human experience. And I […]

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Budget-friendly SLR Magic extends the Cine Lens Line with PL mount

The popular lens company is expanding its APO MicroPrime Cine Lenses with a PL mount option. In a newer Tweet, SLR Magic announced that its APO MicroPrime Cine Lensesthat are available in Canon EF Mount will also be available in PL Mount. SLR Magic is a favorite among no film school and indie shooters because […]

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Leica introduces the new Vario Elmarit SL zoom lens

The new zoom lens combines three additional lenses in the Vario-Elmarit-SL Family of zoom lenses. In a press release, Leica announced the 24-70 mm F2.8 ASPH lens Vario-Elmarit-SL for L-Mount, which is compatible with Leica, Panasonic and Sigma cameras. The 24-70 mm F2.8 connects the 16-35 mm F3.5, 24-90 mm F2.8 and 90-280 mm F2.8 […]

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