Casting professionals banned from holding SAG-AFTRA office – Deadline

Casting professionals who are also actors have been banned from standing in the SAG-AFTRA elections. The decision was made today at a meeting of the union’s national board of directors. Regarded as “executives”, casting professionals are now also prohibited from sitting as members of SAG-AFTRA negotiating committees and as delegates to biennial union conventions.

The ban, which came to the board as a benchmark of the 2019 convention, applies to anyone “who regularly works as a casting professional, including, but not limited to, casting directors, Casting supervisors, casting associates, casting session directors and casting assistants ”in accordance with the resolution approved by the board. Casting professionals can still be members, but they cannot stand for election. Local and national elections will be held across the country later this year.

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“Casting professionals, as recruiting agents working on behalf of employers, continually act in the best interests of employers rather than union members,” the resolution reads.

The SAG-AFTRA Constitution already prohibits supervisory staff from performing their duties, and casting professionals have now been added to this list. The Constitution states that any member “who is primarily employed in management or who primarily performs management functions within the jurisdiction of the union is eligible to serve as a national leader, member of the national council, local council, committee of wages and working conditions. , a negotiating committee or as a delegate to the Convention. The term “management” is defined as any person who acts primarily and continually in the interest of one or more employers rather than in the interest of the members of the Union. “

The Constitution, however, expressly exempts several job categories that have a say in the hiring process, including stunt coordinators, vocalist entrepreneurs, ADR coordinators, choreographers and assistant choreographers.

“I can’t imagine this will be well received by the Casting Society of America, the Commercial Casting Directors Association and the Session Directors Association,” said an opponent of the new rule. “Not only are many of them members, but their family members often work with them in the casting, and their assistants and associates are often members too, all of which are now banned. Casting directors, but certainly associates, assistants and session directors, have no direct control over who gets hired, unlike stunt coordinators, choreographers, vocal entrepreneurs and ADR coordinators, all of whom hire directly. our members or have a great influence and contribution to hiring. “

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