Cardi B responds to the insults after Billboard!

Cardi B takes the lead with haters! They insult her after her Billboard nomination, she answers them in her own way!

Cardi B, woman of the year! Indeed, the Billboad Awards declared her the winner … She succeeds Billie Eilish or Ariana Grande. But the haters did not like it at all, and are crying outrage. She answers them sharply!

It must also be said that this appointment may surprise. Indeed, this year, the rapper has played on all fronts. A huge success with WAP in music, more and more followers on Insta with its positions …

But above all a huge political struggle to try to lose Donald Trump. Because Cardi B has assumed her role as an Insta influencer and artist to fully integrate herself into the US presidential election.

Very involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, she defends the cause of African Americans… But not only. She attacks Donald Trump on the ground of equality, of tolerance.

A big political stance which also earned Cardi B to find herself targeted. Republicans have indeed launched a debate on his title WAP … And some even called for his house to be burnt down.


So when Billboard named her Musical Woman of the Year, the rapper found herself being targeted again. But this time, she does not let it go … And responds to the haters via a straightforward video.

Because one thing does not change at Cardi B: her outspokenness. She therefore sends a big tackle to her detractors … Where she even calls them “mourners”. Out of the question for her to be insulted.

“For you, the mourners, you are there asking yourself ‘but what? She’s only released one song this year! »But yes, this song, bitch! “Without complex, she therefore celebrates her Billboard Award…

The rapper concludes by recalling that she “won six platinum records in three months”. Here it seems clear: Cardi B claims her title and seems very proud of this result!

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